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The Tone Junkies are a 3 piece pro rock and acoustic band, plus acoustic duo. We pride ourselves on our ability to please any audience! Formed in Liverpool in 2004, we are Jaie (lead and vocals), Will (bass) and Nick (drums and backing vocals). We play what you like, when you like and where you like.
Countless gigs around Merseyside, Manchester, North West England and Wales plus supporting iconic bands such as 10cc and The Fun Loving Criminals, The Tone Junkies have created an awesome repertoire, tipping its hat to old and new, funk, blues, rock`n`roll, country and soul, and the musicianship to move seamlessly between each and all. It's no surprise that, once you've heard The Tone Junkies, you'll be hooked!
A superb, dynamic, live band. The Tone Junkies are up there with the best! Judge for yourself.

About Us...


Jaie who started playing and doing solo and band gigs over a 20year period is still increasingly popular to this day, with the Tone Junkies or just on his own or doing duo sets, with his unique vocal and guitar style and delivery, he can attract anyone into his presence.

Will, with over a 900 year old career in music is still going strong. He has been in punk, rock, and numerous other bands and is also a solo recording artist in his own right, and spends his time writing/recording music and poetry and has even had some of his work published in books and read out on BBC Northwest Radio.

Since his early teens, Nick has also been gigging constantly. Being a session player, vocalist, backing vocalist with many different bands over the years.


With many different styles brought to the table here are some of our favourites.
AC/DC to Johnny Cash, Free to Dusty Springfield, Adele, Jimi, Prince, Beatles, Elvis, The Who, and much more...

From rocking out with a big electric sound to a more chilled out acoustic setup, we live and love what we do and hope those that come to see us do too.

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